Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Do we really need democracy ?

This question may sound weird at the times when the whole world is struggling to maintain peace and to establish democratic style of governing the countries. But the question is not perhaps whether we need it. The question is whether we can really have it. Nowadays the thing which is called democracy is actually far from being it. Whatever is implied into this meaning is not democracy itself. All over the countries which claim to be civilized, developed and prosperous it is a matter of a good taste to claim to be democratic and to give a hand to other countries with building up democracy, even in case they do not want it. And such help is realized through imposing ‘human friendly’ patterns of organizing the country (as if other peoples can’t see better what to do with their own states), through blackmailing governments to pass the laws, through investing into launching strikes, conflicts and revolutions, through bombing, putting into jail and suiting those who resist such a magnanimous thing as modern democracy. All this is the reason for me to be proud of Azerbaijan who proved to the whole world they are not going to pretend and play the fashionable game called democracy. People of Azerbaijan stated they are happy living in a country ruled in an authoritative way. All in all it makes no difference: the way of organizing the country is virtually the same. The only thing is that some people honestly admit having centralized power while others hypocritically call it democracy.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Word about Remakes and Morrison

I’m not going to dwell upon my attitude to all those mawkish remakes and remixes of Jim Morrison’s songs by all those rap and DJ freaks – no one could be interested in it anyway. I’ll just describe what I feel. At a club party heard the remix by Snoop Dogg and DJ BT. All I wanted was an intoxicant amount of drinks or something of the kind to switch off and not to hear these pieces of … remakes. And this is what I normally feel while listening to Jim himself:

The day has gone. I open my window, unlock the door and close my eyes. I merge into the shadow of the night’s wing. Darkness; complete, scaring silence. The consciousness is wondering somewhere in the floods of truth. Thirst and blood, sand and eternity. Desert. I’m looking for Him. I’m on the right way – for I’ve deserved it. Because I live, being constantly burnt; live, being born postdeathly; live between short flashes of orgasms.

“I give you my fragile mind, my immaculate sole. Where are you?”
“Is anybody here?” the voice comes from the beyond.
“Yes, my God.”
“Will you die for me?”
“My Divinity…”
“Then the ceremony is about to begin…”

Flash. A small boy living in a desert. Indians and military stations scattered around. He comes here to play with lizards and snakes. He feels safe with them. He dreams of being their king. – “Kiss the snake’s sting.”
Flash. A mad child arrives at Los Angeles. He walks along he highway. He watches people destroying one another. The lights of the huge night city surround him. Occasional meetings, intentional poems. He is a stranger. – “Faces look ugly when you are alone.”
Flash. Fame. The transformation of ego. James Douglas becomes Jim Morrison. Music rolls around. The weapons of war. People dying in Vietnam. A woman, learning to play a weeping song n the grave of her child. – “Some are born to the endless night.”
Flash. Constant unspoken inferior knowledge. He is their Lizard King. Murderous awareness of beasts. Not paranoiac but grave carelessness – feeling of violence in its eternal presence. Oedipus complex – “Kill the father, fuck the mother.”
Flash. Demonic laugh. Bosom friends. Love for sale. Rotting society. Smoke of joints. Hatshepsuet’s melancholy. – “Let me sleep all night at your soul kitchen.”
Flash. Paris. Bathroom. Heroin. Overdose. Weeping crowds at Père – Lachaise. – “This is the end, my onlyfriend, the end…”

Pain. Shaman’s hand, crumpling my soul. Music, tearing my brain apart. The breath of death. And the purifying explosion of consciousness. Done. I’m awake. Yes, I can’t get much higher.

So, can it at least somehow be compared to the effect remakes have on people? In case you say “Yeah!” you are either DJ or you can’t read…